Content Writing

Content writing is like a vital organ, that has to be fully functional for the web or text. You can have the best graphics or best photos without content writing they are just graphics and photos. If you go deeper into content writing you will see that it is also goes hand in hand with SEO(Search Engine Optimisation) so the more you have the better it is for you.

Content writing is a form of online writing, describing a specific product. Content writers work according to the brief provided by a client. The job of the Content Writer is to turn this brief into a finished product. It is designed to achieve prominence on the web and must be tailored for this purpose, content writing are varied. They include the ability to write persuasively and fluently on a range of subjects whilst it must always be readable and there should always be a flow without loosing the core integrity.

Text services for websites

Websites are built on text and content. It is of utmost importance to have the correct and impacting wording on your website

  • 500 Words @ R 350-00
  • 750 Words @ R 500-00
  • 1000 Words @ R 700-00
  • 1250 Words @ R 850-00
  • 1500 Words @ R 1000-00
  •  2000 Words @ R 1400-00
  • R0.80 per word thereafter


Please Note: A draft copy of layout and idea required.

SEO re-formatting

SEO formatting in text is vital for Google recognition, it provides Google with an organised and readable way in which to index your web page’s content.

  • 500 Words @ R 550-00
  • 750 Words @R 700-00
  • 1000 Words @ R 950-00
  • 1500 Words @ R 1100-00
  •  2000 Words @ R 1300-00
  • R0.80 per word thereafter


Please Note: We will need as much keywords from you

Ghost writing

Free formatted writing services contextualized into structured formats

  • 1000 Words @ R 850-00
  • R0.80 per word thereafter


  • Please Note: Please provide the concept, plot and structure of what you envision

Blog writing services

Researched topic specified blogs and Free lanced blog

  • 500 Words @ R 450-00
  • 1000 Words @ R 850-00
  • 1500 Words @ R 1300-00
  •  2000 Words @ R 1500-00
  • R0.80 per word thereafter


Please Note: A researched blog cannot be tampered with as it is a copyright. Information from researched blog can be used

Please Note: A draft concepts are required


A write up of specialized products, blogs, services, etc.

R 500-00


Please Note: No legal aspects can be directed at Paper Cone Studios for this service

Annual reports

Company annual report creation using graphs and statistics 

R 600-00 per report


  • Please Note: All relevant information needs to be made available upfront